Why Choose WORK iT ONLINE?

Our mission is to provide a range of web-based planning and management solutions which enable our customers to develop and grow their businesses in an organised, efficient and effective manner.

Plan Implementation and Progress Management

MANAGE provides the opportunity to:
  • Assess and manage the performance of your plan
  • Focus on your stated business directions and values, and those items that have been promised by individuals
  • Review, clarify and re-focus your business opportunities
  • Facilitate discussion with third parties, including potential partners or investors, suppliers and customers
  • Benchmark against which actual performance can be measured
Managing ONLINE extends the benefits and provides:
  • Instant availability of your plan anywhere in the world you can access the internet
  • The capacity for coordinated management & corroboration of reporting progress against plan
  • A consistent, cost effective monitoring process across your business, enabling your plan delivery to have the follow through it needs
  • On line, up to the minute reporting of work unit performance and prospect or customer contact
  • The opportunity to review anytime, anywhere you can link to the www

Business & Project Planning

  • Instantly available anywhere in the world you can access the internet
  • A consistent process over a distributed workforce
  • The capacity for centralised management & corroboration of planning
  • A common, cost effective planning approach across your business
  • Faster roll-out, with consistency of process across the organisation
WORK iT ONLINE is an online planning facility, allowing you to write a simple or a comprehensive plan for any business, department or project.

It is particularly appropriate to the project or business that has geographically scattered resources who are to provide input into the plan.

Business or Practice Auditing

Provides an electronic means to rate your business or practice under a number of categories.

It is: Easy to administer Readily accessible Quick to do

It is able to be configured for situations like industry Reviews, or specific subjects, etc.
It considers key elements of the following segments of the business:
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information & Technology
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Risk Management

Meeting Management

MEETINGS provides a means to plan, set agendas, and conduct and report on conversations and groups,
  • Assemble an Agenda
  • Issue meeting Invitations via email and with calendar invites
  • Track actions from previous meetings
  • Quickly issue Meeting Minutes or a summary - electronically
WORK iT ONLiNES's Meeting tool is:
  • Accessible
  • Integrated: Actions that are created in a meeting will be added to personal action lists, and can be included in a person's performance Appraisal
  • Can electronically issue an agenda, minutes or a summary at the click of a button
  • Simple but effective

Compliance Registers

Compliance is a range of business Registers, including
  • Risks
  • Issues
  • Breaches
  • Disputes
  • Functions
  • Function Recovery, and
  • Compliance Calendar
Compliance allows information to be stored in one place, one where you know exactly where to find what you want, when you want it

WORK iT ONLiNES' Compliance tools are:
  • Accessible
  • Integrated
  • Simple but effective

Board and Staff Appraisals

Staff Appraisals allows you to create and deliver online management and staff performance appraisal, providing simple, efficient management of formal reviews.

The individual appraisal can be constructed from:
  • Allocated business objectives or key performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Allocated actions, whether nominated in the business plan or added later as a result of business meetings
  • A library of Board, Committee and other standard questions that are stored within the system
  • Your business or board's own questions
  • Ad Hoc questions
The Staff Appraisal tool:
  • Utilises an internal scoring mechanism that has the flexibility to cater for most scenarios
  • Provides for Ad Hoc questions to be answered with free text
  • Makes it easy to appraise:
    • The board as a team
    • Committees
    • Individual directors
  • Makes it easy
    • For reviewers to be assisted during the process
    • To track electronically which appraisals have not been done

Prospecting and Activity Management

A simple, but effective way to manage activity of sales and staff, allowing them to record individual progress.

It provides
  • A central store of prospect and client information, allocated to resources
  • A means to store 'notes' against each prospect, including whether contact made was:
    • Initial contact
    • Ongoing contact
    • Sales Interview
    • Quote being created - with potential income
    • Sale made - with income applicable
  • Next contact due
The Activity Management elements of WORK iT ONLiNE provide:
  • Centrally located prospect store, accessible anywhere web access is available
  • A notes facility, allowing progress with each prospect to be recorded
  • A means to issue an email with one click from the register

Internal Phone Register

The Internal Phone register
  • Delivers the contact details in one, readily accessible location
  • Provides clear allocation of ownership of resources
  • Makes it quick and easy to email anyone on the list
  • Records progress, so it can clearly be seen have the activity has improved relations with the client or prospect
The reason people utilise an Internal Phone List from WORK iT ONLiNE are:
  • Current phone lists are 'hard copy' - needing printing whenever updated
  • Different people can have different versions of hard copy phone lists
  • People have previously been left to 'their own devices' in storing their own contacts, with different degrees of quality
  • Each person's own records can be unavailable when a person is away
  • Confusion over who owns a resource
  • Lack of common notation as to what has transpired with a specific contact

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