Plan Implementation and Progress Management

The right tools to implement and manage your Business or Project plan, allowing you to monitor and adjust the delivery of your plans. Now with Kanban boards!

MANAGE is a series of co-ordinated components to view and report on the progression of your plans.

MANAGE includes:
  • KANBAN: Create an unlimited number of boards to manage your and your teams progress through assigned actions.
  • PROGRESS: An implementation and monitoring facility to provide ongoing reviews of plan progress, including objectives, actions and prospecting
  • MEETINGS: A means to plan, set agendas, and conduct and report on conversations and groups
  • COMPLIANCE Registers: A range of business Registers, including
    • Risks
    • Issues
    • Breaches
    • Disputes
    • Functions
    • Function Recovery, and
    • Compliance Calendar
  • APPRAISALS: Creation and delivery of online Board, management and staff performance appraisal to allow simple, efficient management of formal reviews

MANAGE provides the opportunity to:
  • Assess and manage the performance of your plan
  • Focus on your stated business directions and values, and those items that have been promised by individuals
  • Review, clarify and re-focus your business opportunities
  • Facilitate discussion with third parties, including potential partners or investors, suppliers and customers
  • Benchmark against which actual performance can be measured

Managing ONLINE extends the benefits and provides:
  • Instant availability of your plan anywhere in the world you can access the internet
  • The capacity for coordinated management & corroboration of reporting progress against plan
  • A consistent, cost effective monitoring process across your business, enabling your plan delivery to have the follow through it needs
  • On line, up to the minute reporting of work unit performance and prospect or customer contact
  • The opportunity to review anytime, anywhere you can link to the www

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