Business & Project Planning

Write a simple or a comprehensive plan for any business, department or project.

The online planning system consists of:
  • Business Administration - Information related to the business, the plans, staff Business
  • Research - Business audit and data collection
  • Business Planning - Plan information related to scheduling, implementing & reviewing

PLANNING provides the:
  • Opportunity to think about your business and its economic, environmental and social impacts
  • Means to focus on your stated business directions and values
  • Method to research, clarify and focus your business opportunities
  • Basis for discussion with third parties, including potential partners or investors, suppliers and customers
  • Benchmarks, against which actual performance can be measured

Planning ONLINE extends the benefits and provides:
  • Instant availability of your plan anywhere in the world you can access the internet
  • A consistent process over a distributed workforce
  • The capacity for centralised management & corroboration of planning
  • A common, cost effective planning approach across your business
  • The means to utilise your planning budget for investment in planning, not logistics such as cost of work disruption and staff travel time
  • Faster roll-out, with consistency of process across the organisation
  • Reporting of work unit performance, with easy to access 'audit trails' for management
  • The opportunity to review and update anytime, anywhere you can link to the www

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