Terms of Service of Rostana Pty Ltd (ABN 75 105 678 868)

Terms Of Use

The following is the "Terms Of Use" contract for users of this Service. In order to proceed you must read and accept this agreement.

Only registered users of this service may access the WORK iT ONLiNE .com system ("WORK iT ONLiNE").

You are a licensed user ("You", "User", "Users") of the WORK iT ONLiNE.com service operated by WORK iT Services Pty Ltd, ("WORK iT").

By agreeing to the Terms of Use you are certifying that this information is correct.

By proceeding you agree to the WORK iT ONLiNE License Agreement.


Users Permitted: Users are restricted to registered access as a user to which the entity/account/information the user was assigned.

Usage Permitted: Usage is restricted to interacting with or viewing the authorised application, and entering and viewing data relevant to the business to which the User is registered within this service.

Data can be viewed only on the screen through a normal web browser as the application was designed. Data may not be mined nor removed to be stored elsewhere.

Users are not permitted to create their own database based upon the information in this system and the associated databases except as expressly agreed in writing by WORK iT ONLiNE.

The User acknowledges and agrees that in the course of using this service and storing information in relation to the business or entity to which they are registered, WORK iT ONLiNE applies its expertise, intellectual properties and copyrights.

Except as expressly agreed in writing WORK iT ONLiNE retains full ownership including patents, copyrights and trade secrets in the work product under this agreement.

License to Work Product: WORK iT ONLiNE grants access and use of this WORK iT ONLiNE service in exchange for an annual or monthly fee per user.

The User shall use the service as prescribed within the system to manage enter data. Any reproduction of the database or portion of the database is prohibited.

Sharing of Access: The User may not share their access with any other person or party, and must only use their own access to interact with the system.

By accepting this agreement you are solely responsible for the use of your access.

Any misuse discovered must be reported to WORK iT immediately.

Trade Secrets and Confidential Information: The user shall not give access to, nor cause to show the WORK iT ONLiNE service or system to any entity or individual outside their business including, but not limited to technology consultants, program development specialists, technology groups or competitors or potential competitors of WORK iT ONLiNE or the business or entity to which they are registered.

No user shall provide access or product demonstrations to another individual except for access and training for their employees / business consultants necessary to complete their work function.

No access shall be provided to any user that has an interest in a competing service or product or a potential competing service or product. The system may not be shown nor cause to be shown to any user that has an interest in a competing service or product or a potential competing service or product.

In the event that a registered user gains a share in a competing company they shall notify WORK iT ONLiNE of their change in status.